Grade Level 7
Lesson 30



  1. Students will use phonetic and structural analysis and knowledge of words to expand their vocabulary.



  1. Write the letters and point values on the board before the students arrive.
  2. Give the students a couple of minutes to create the highest scoring word out of the letters of the day.  Remind them that if they use all 7 letters, they score a Scrabble “bingo” and get a 50 point bonus.
  3. Ask the students to volunteer the words they have created and list those words on the board with their point values. Make sure to point out homophones, homonyms, prefixes, suffixes, word roots and words with more than one definition. 
  4. Today’s highest scoring word is PRELUDE with a point value of 60 points.  If no one in the class identifies the word, then take a few minutes to introduce the word by discussing its (1) spelling (2) pronunciation, (3) definition, (4) part of speech and (5) use in a sentence.

·         PRELUDE            something that comes before and prepares for what is coming next


  1. Here are some other words that can be derived from today’s set of letters.  The definitions come from the Scrabble dictionary.


·         DUPE               to fool

·         LEPER              a person who has leprosy

·         ELDER             (n) a type of tree; one who is older; a person having experience because of authority; any of various church        officers; (adj) of greater age

·         PUREE            a paste or thick liquid

·         ELUDE            to avoid

·         PRUDE            a person who cares so much about proper language and conduct that he/she becomes annoying


  1. Ask students to reflect on the strategies they used to create their highest scoring word.
  2. Ask students to add these new words to their vocabulary notebook.