Grade Level 5
Lesson 47



  1. Students will use phonetic and structural analysis and knowledge of words to expand their vocabulary.


  1. Write the letters and point values on the board before the students arrive.
  2. Give the students a couple of minutes to create the highest scoring word out of the letters of the day.  Remind them that if they use all 7 letters, they score a Scrabble “bingo” and get a 50 point bonus.
  3. Ask the students to volunteer the words they have created and list those words on the board with their point values. Make sure to point out homophones, homonyms, prefixes, suffixes, word roots and words with more than one definition. 
  4. Today’s highest scoring word is COSTUME with a point value of 60 points.  If no one in the class identifies the word, then take a few minutes. To introduce the word by discussing its (1) spelling (2) pronunciation, (3) definition, (4) part of speech and (5) use in a sentence. 

·               COSTUME            the style of clothing, hair or ornaments characteristic of a period; a special or fancy dress; a person’s                    outer clothing


  1. Here are some other words that can be derived from today’s set of letters.

·              COMET               a bright heavenly body that develops a cloudy tail as it moves closer to the sun in its orbit

·              CUSTOM            (n) the usual way of doing something; tax on imports or exports; (adj) made to order

·              MUTE                (adj) unable to speak; not pronounced, silent; (v) to turn off the sound; (n) a person who will not or              cannot speak; a device attached to a musical instrument that softens the sound

·              MUSE                 (v) to ponder; any of the nine sister goddesses of song and poetry and the arts and sciences in Greek              mythology      

·              SECT                 a group of people with the same beliefs; a religious group with a set of beliefs that differ greatly from the              main group

·              OUST                 to force or drive out


  1. Ask students to reflect on the strategies they used to create their highest scoring word.
  2. Ask students to add these new words to their vocabulary notebook.